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Best places to work

Whether you want a fresh start from your current job or looking for your best international opportunity, working in an European country can bring a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages are: gaining better skills, working with lots of different cultures, expanding your network with international professionals or improving yourself to become more employable.

Many companies are looking to expand their businesses internationally. Companies believe that employing foreigners makes their establishments more diverse and efficient, enabling them to expand their business. A good international company will use English as the main language, providing a good work environment for internationals.

Top countries to work in in Europe

According to HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey, European countries score very high in the best countries for expats to live and work in.


Also called ‘the engine room of Europe’, takes rank 3 in the global list and is number one of the best countries to work in in Europe. Germany appeals to expats because of its financial strengths, rich culture and strong social security. Even though English is widely understood and spoken, many companies still have a strong German business language.


Switzerland features many number one spots in global rankings, one of them is the highest average income in the world. Switzerland is ranked number 8 in the top list of countries to live and work in globally. Combining its strong economic position, being the home of the largest global organizations and companies and it’s stunning beauty of lakes and mountains, Switzerland is a historic number one choice for many expats.


Ireland has a lot to offer expats, amongst other native English language. Although being small, Ireland is a country often chosen by companies from the United States to locate their European headquarters in. With the beautiful natural coastlines, deeply embedded culture and world famous music, the Irish are known all over the world. Ireland feels very familiar to many expats. Wherever you are from, you will feel right at home with the friendly locals.

The Netherlands

Located central in Western Europe, the Netherlands has a strong history in entrepreneurship and international trading. It is ranked 11th on the global quality of life index. The Netherlands has a strong economy, including highly innovative agricultural and technology sectors. Life satisfaction is typical ranked within the global top 5, due to a very good work life balance, high level health service, high employment rates and good public safety. Another large benefit for expats is the high level of English spoken, both in business languages as well as in daily life.

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